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Assured Life Plan Benefits 

Fully Portable: that means you’re fully covered no matter where you are.

Prognoses Pay-out: If you are diagnosed with a condition that reduces your life expectancy to less than 12 months, we’ll pay a portion of the benefit early.

No medical: If you’re in good health and applying for life cover of less than €300,000, no medical required.

No Age Limit: The Assured Life Plan is open to anyone up to age 70, or older by agreement.

Pre-existing conditions: Depending on the stage and type of condition the Assured Life Plan will still cover you. 

Auto renewal: Policies auto renew with premium adjustment as you age, no new medicals or application required

Life Assured add-on’s

Double the sum assured: You can double your lump sum payment in the event you die in an accident.

Disability payments: You receive payments in the event of permanent disability and you are no longer able to work 

Critical Illness: You will receive payments if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Accident cover:  If you are in an accident and you suffer some form of disability, you will receive a payment