what we do

...so what do we do exactly?

We at dhig are insurance specialists focused on providing solutions for the care of a globally mobile community, whether they be individuals on short-term overseas assignments, international schools, embassies and multinational companies looking to implement quality flexible benefit plans for their employees.

Our objective is to improve general wellbeing, through the comfort of knowing someone is on hand should an insured become unwell. Round the clock access to our dedicated medical team will provide the necessary support to explain their options, coordinate access and arrange funding for medical care either in the immediate location or a suitable facility anywhere in the World.

We strive to be cutting edge in designing innovative flexible plans to match budgets and optimize recruitment, retention and motivation of valued staff.

This we do together with our partners all around the Globe and thanks to years of experience, working on the field, we provide to our clients access to the best insurance plans, the best medical networks and the safest medical facilities. Go have a look on our “partners” link. Then come back and tell us about it!

Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve the health of our members. To help our insured to live longer, better, healthier and happier. We are committed to providing innovative care to our members. We don’t only want to keep you healthy; we also want to make your life easy and give you peace of mind with our service. We want you to use your coverage with simplicity. We want you to know all about it, to easily understand it, to be happy with it.

Individual Insurance

You are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime with challenges of language, climate, culture and tradition. You’ve organised accommodation, booked tickets, packed your passport and some local currency.

Then you throw in some high factor sunscreen. Perhaps this prompts you to consider another type of protection – one for unexpected health issues that may require urgent and often costly specialist care far away from the comfort and security of home.

Whilst insurance may not come in a handy tube, our Daily Health Prime plans are portable and quick and easy to understand.

Wherever you go, whoever you are, we have a solution for you. Insurance is no rocket science, it’s a human story, a story of trust and confidence. We want you to experience what it is, to be valued and cherished by your insurer. You will love it.

Corporate Insurance

Our company understands that your employees will always be your most treasured resource and we take that responsibility for managing their welfare very seriously. 

Our experience in structuring tailor-made benefit plans is a true value proposition. We know how to create plans that match the specifications of corporate customers. You will find our expertise in the international benefits market priceless.